Artist FAQs

You can share any of your original art which can be printed or converted into digital form. Whether you are a fine artist, graphic designer, typographer, you can simply upload your artwork through the link provided in your Artist Profile under submit artwork.  We will then review your artwork and prepare it for the catalog.

Artists will be paid a royalty on the selling amount net of GST of each unit sold of their submitted designs. The royalty shall be earned only on the successful order transactions, but not on returned/canceled transactions. 
Please refer to our Artist Share terms for more details.

No. Kalankit is absolutely free for artists to sign up.

As of now, your fans will be able to follow you from your Kalankit profile only. With time, your profile will have advanced features where you will be directly able to interact with your fans.

You will hold the copyright of your designs throughout the time.

Fret not, we will take care of customer support services to leave you more time to focus on your designs. Feedback on the artwork shall depend on the customer’s will. We always encourage our customers to provide their valuable feedback on products, designs, and services. Apart from this, our team shall be sharing the feedback with you whenever it comes to our notice.

These features shall take time to develop with the help of technology on the platform. Meanwhile, you could participate in our webinars and offline workshops when intimated, as per your wish and availability.

We believe in delivering excellent customer experience which includes but is not limited to – high-quality manufacturing materials; impeccable craftsmanship; post-sales support to the customer.

Your earnings will be generated only on successful transactions. In a case of unsuccessful transactions like a delivery failure, order returns, order cancellation, the transaction shall be considered as failed or returned orders.
To minimize the returns, we have a strict return policy applicable on products with manufacturing defects only.

No. Only the brand name Kalankit will appear on the product. Your fans and customers will recognize you with your Kalankit profile and artworks segregated under your profile.

It would be sad for us to see you go but we will be happy to help and make it easy for you. Just drop us an email at [email protected], and we will process your request within 14 working days. Please note, that the removal can take up to 90 days. Kindly refer to our Terms of Service for more details. Any royalty balance shall be reimbursed as per the scheduled payments.

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