Artist earnings are paid via electronic fund transfer such as NEFT / RTGS (between the tenth and fifteenth business day of each month) for the successfully delivered orders in the preceding month. Once an order has shipped, it will appear as a pending transaction. You may view your sale transactions on the report page of your account here

Calculations of the Artist share can be understood by the following points

  1. We will pay artists a share of 10% per unit sold (share shall be calculated on the Base Sold Price of the item) of their catalog.
  2. Artist share will be calculated on the Base Sold Price in which the item is sold (including any discount and promotions), excluding GST, Shipping Charges, Gift Wrap charges, Special Request Charges, or any such charge apart from the item base price, charged directly to the customer.

    For example, if an item’s listed price is ₹1299.00, but after promotion and discounts it has sold at ₹1,232.00 including GST, shipping charges, gift wrap charges, etc, with the base price of ₹1,100.00, then the artist share will be calculated on the base price ₹1,100.00.
  3. If the cumulative Artist share in any financial year has reached or exceeds ₹15,000.00, a TDS of 5% shall be deducted every month including the previous shares of the respective financial year and will continue deducting onwards (Subject to change as per Income Tax Department, India) 
  4. Artist share shall only be paid for successful transactions. In case of customer returns, cancellations, or courier returns, the transaction shall be considered as a failed, cancelled, or returned transaction, and will not be considered for the share calculation.
  5. Artist share will be transferred by the 15th of each month, for all the successful transactions that happened in the preceding month.
  6. Artist share will be transferred only via electronic wire transfer through NEFT / RTGS to bank accounts opened in India only.
  7. TDS on the “artist share” shall be deducted as per the government norms.
  8. If you are registered under GST, please pre-inform us. We will process your registration application accordingly. In that case, you have to raise a GST invoice to us, for the “artist share” monthly amount.
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