Kimya Gandhi And Her Decade Long Type Design Journey

Revealing the Artistry: Mumbai to Berlin

Mumbai-based type designer Kimya Gandhi has skillfully combined her love of letterforms and her interest in Indic Type Design. With a Master’s in Visual Communication from the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay, and a Bachelor’s in Communication Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bombay, Kimya set off on a revolutionary adventure in the field of typography.

Early Years at Linotype: Planting the Interest Seed

In 2010, Kimya began her professional journey with an internship at Linotype, where she immersed herself in the complexities of type design. An important turning point was reached when she collaborated with Akira Kobayashi on her internship project, DIN Next Devanagari, which confirmed her love and set the groundwork for her future aspirations.

Creating Latin and Indic Designs and Establishing Mota Italic

Berlin-based Mota Italic is a font foundry that Kimya co-founded in 2014. She entered the retail and custom font design world alongside Rob Keller, specializing in Devanagari and Latin characters. Their portfolio includes partnerships with well-known companies like Google, Audi, and Škoda, which highlights their proficiency in meeting a wide range of multi-script needs.

Global Interests: Type Design Mastery

Kimya attended the Typeface Design Intensive (TDi) summer programme at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom through her global quest for knowledge. Her work now is distinguished by brilliance, which she attributes to this wide exposure, which also extended her viewpoint and enhanced her skill set.

Advancing Future Generations: Promoting Vernacular Typography

Type Design

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Kimya is a committed teacher. Recognising the need to reimagine the Indian context for type design education, she has taught at several design schools and led workshops at esteemed occasions like TypeCon in Washington, DC, and Typography Day.

A Decade of Commitment: Examining the Path

Kimya considers the satisfaction that comes from following her passion as she marks ten years after making the decision to work professionally in type design. Her narrative serves as both an example of creative brilliance and motivation for others hoping to succeed in the rapidly evolving field of typography.

Kimya Gandhi’s journey sets a unique benchmark in the constantly changing field of type design by fusing creative expression, cultural appreciation, and international collaboration.

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