Journey of Ishan Trivedi: A Visionary Illustrator-Storyteller

Dreams Crafted on Digital Canvas

A real artist at heart, Ishan Trivedi is a renowned illustrator-storyteller from the energetic metropolis of New Delhi, India. His story of bringing creativity to life on a digital canvas is captivating. As a co-founder of “Illustrator Today,” Trivedi sets out to visually captivate audiences with ideas by illuminating hitherto unexplored creative domains. Their work goes beyond words by using powerful graphics to increase brand value.

Chronicles of Creativity: A Worldwide Travelog

Through his creative skill, Trivedi has traversed nations in his journey as an illustrator, telling tales. Trivedi’s artistic abilities are unbounded. He has worked as a freelance children’s book illustrator for Scholastic, where his works such as “Boondi, an Indian Fairy Tale” captivated young readers. He has also collaborated with Visionary Comics Studio in the United States. His collaboration with Vanessa Kellner in Maryland on a children’s book highlights the common themes of development, family, and emotions.


Revealing Novels and Covering Stories


Trivedi’s portfolio includes novel cover designs in addition to children’s books. His ability to capture the spirit of a wide range of literary works is demonstrated by his partnerships with publishing behemoths like Westland and Penguin Random House.

Imagination Illustrated: From Comics to Campaigns

We also go through the vibrant world of comics on Trivedi’s voyage. Trivedi’s illustrations have made a lasting impression, whether he is working as a freelancer for Raj Comics in New Delhi or adding to the creative environment of JWT’s Airtel campaign.

Award-Winning Moves: Acknowledgment and Praise

The artistic genius of Ishan Trivedi has not gone unappreciated. Notable accolades for his work include the Comic Con India Best Children Book of the Year in 2020 and the Honorary Mention designation from the Globale Illustration Award Committee in 2017.

Skills of Ishan Trivedi that Shape Stories

Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Illustration, and Manga Studio are among Trivedi’s tools, demonstrating the technical skill that enhances his works.

Ishan Trivedi is a shining example of artistic storytelling; he skillfully combines a variety of cultures, genres, and media to produce a visual symphony that has an international impact. His voyage paints a picture of passion, inventiveness, and limitless imagination with every brushstroke, much like a masterwork.

The Evolution of Digital Art

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