Mandala Art: Meditation meets creativity

Have you ever thought of a combination of meditation and art form?  Originating in ancient Indian and Tibetan traditions, Mandala art is a spiritual and geometric design that holds deep cultural significance and has since then spread worldwide. Derived from the Sanskrit word for “circle,” mandalas are intricate patterns created within a circular frame.  

Artists create intricate patterns using various materials like sand, paint, or coloured pencils. The process of making mandalas is meditative and therapeutic, allowing individuals to focus their minds and find solace in the rhythmic repetition of shapes and colours. They symbolize unity, harmony, and spiritual enlightenment. Mandalas are often used for meditation and mindfulness practices, as their symmetrical patterns help calm the mind.

Mandala artist showcase

Meet Sushmitha

During the time of Covid, Sushmitha found solace and inspiration in the ancient art form of hand-drawn mandala art.  The artistic process involves skilfully combining intricate patterns with a diverse range of colour palettes, resulting in visually captivating mandalas. Sushmitha is a talented artist hailing from Tamil Nadu, India. During these challenging times, she has also used her art as a source of positivity, sharing her beautiful mandalas on various platforms to spread joy and optimism

Workshops & training sessions

In addition to her beautiful journey of mandala art on social media, Sushmitha as an artist has also embraced the opportunity to turn her passion into a business venture. Recognizing the demand for her unique artwork, she began to take projects of her hand-drawn mandalas through Instagram. This platform has allowed her to reach a wider audience and connect directly with art enthusiasts who appreciate her talent. In addition to her artwork and online Projects, she also conducts engaging and interactive workshop events to share her knowledge and passion for mandala art. These workshop events provide a valuable opportunity for artist participants to learn the techniques of creating their mandalas under her guidance. With a warm and encouraging teaching style, she ensured that every participant feels supported and productive throughout the workshop.

Mandala artform up-close

Concluding her Journey so far

Sushmitha’s artistic journey as a mandala artist showcases her passion for intricate patterns, vibrant colours, and the transformative power of art.  She has collaborated with Kalānkit, a brand encouraging her art form to integrate into our lifestyle, showcasing her exquisite mandalas and reaching a wider audience. She also offers transformative workshops, guiding participants in creative exploration and finding their inner peace. Check out her products here.

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