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The Doodle Diaries by Shweta Singh Baidya

From I Can't to I Can, from Dreams to Plan

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Shweta Singh Baidya an Artist from Pune is the creative force behind Doodle Shoodle. An inspiring doodle artist that showcases a deep passion for the art form.

Shweta’s story serves as an example of hope and resilience in a world where doubts and obstacles can often cloud one’s aspirations. She faced her own challenges but refused to let them hinder her pursuit of artistic excellence. Her decision to leave a 9 to 5 job and follow her passion is a testament to the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to chase their dreams.

What is Doodle Shoodle?

Doodle Shoodle serves as an online haven, a place where Shweta’s artistic journey unfolds before her eager audience. Her mastery of art extends beyond the surface of her doodles; she weaves narratives effortlessly, using her stylus to create a tapestry of imagination and expression.

One of the defining aspects of Doodle Shoodle is the diverse range of themes and subjects that she explores within her doodles. From intricate patterns that mesmerize the eye to whimsical characters that ignite the imagination, her workshop is a treasure trove of creativity. Each stroke of her stylus reveals her artistic perspective, providing a rich tapestry of inspiration for her fellow artists.

Cutesy Doodles By Shweta

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Detailed Illustration By Shweta

As the driving force behind Doodle Shoodle, Shweta Singh has not only established herself as an accomplished doodle artist but also as a revered teacher and mentor. Through her Instagram page and workshops, she empowers aspiring artists to show their creativity, guiding them along their own artistic journeys. Her passion for art shines in every workshop she conducts, leaving a permanent mark on the people who attend her workshop.

Challenge turned into Opportunity

Shweta’s talent and dedication have attracted the attention of notable clients and organisations. She has collaborated with renowned corporates such as Mahindra, Toesmith, Tinkle, Hidesign, A Toddler Thing, Pampers, Wacom and many more.

 In 2020, She published her first children’s book along with this she has also worked on Bhagvat Geeta for children recently. Her book entertained and served as a source of solace and inspiration for children.

Apart from this, she also works on projects like wedding invitations and the personalization of products for her customers around the world.

The Artistic Odyssey Continues

As she continues to inspire people through her art, workshops, and collaborations with prestigious clients. Her transformative journey serves as a reminder that no dream is too big and no obstacle is insurmountable. She is living proof that with passion and determination, one can transcend boundaries and create a life that reflects their deepest aspirations.

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