A child prodigy is working towards supporting younger artists. His painting will leave you in awe!

Meet Anujath: A child prodigy is working towards supporting younger artists. His painting will leave you in awe!

“Art knows no prejudice; art knows no boundaries; art doesn’t really have a judgment in its purest form. So just go, just go,” K. D. Lang said once. There are so many artists all over the world that are not renowned and yet do some brilliant work. But there are a few gifted ones who create amazing art and get recognized as well. Master Anujath Sindhu Vinaylal is one such artist. He started drawing and painting in early childhood and got applauded when he was only 10.

What was it that he got praised for? It was, yes, a painting he drew at such a tender age. He got the inspiration for this artwork from his mother, who was a homemaker. The thought behind his painting is what makes it special. You can see a lot of women doing different tasks like cooking, feeding animals, doing the dishes, and other such tasks in a rural setting. All these tasks don’t get enough recognition from society. He saw his mother and other neighboring women doing all that and thought to draw a picture to pay gratitude to them.


Anujath’s father Vinaylal, a famous graphic designer, says that it makes him proud that the painting is the voice of the homemakers around us. The prodigy remembers the time when he drew that picture out of respect for his mother and how she loved his artwork. Unfortunately, Anujath’s mother, Sindhu is not with him anymore. She passed away due to a heart attack in 2019. However, when his painting ‘Ente Ammayum Ayalvakkathe Ammamaarum – My Mother and Mothers in Neighbourhood’ won an international competition, she was delighted to get the news.


Before that, Anujath got a national award for this very artwork in 2016. Although, when he made the picture, it was purely out of love and respect. Master Anujath has said on many occasions that only with the support of his family has he been able to take this forward. He has also said that his mother was his biggest cheerleader. If not for his parents, he wouldn’t have gotten so much appreciated all over the world.

Anujath with his award winning painting "My mother and mothers in neighborhood"

Anujath wants to do the same for the younger generation. He keeps doing workshops and annual tours for kids. Once a child artist who is a teenager now, believes that we should provide art as an alternative career option to the youth. He also feels that there are so many talents around which can be nourished with proper support and appreciation. Oh, how good it feels to see someone doing religiously what they really believe in.

Coming back to his painting, the title of which literally translates to ‘My Mothers and the Mothers in my Neighborhood’ is the perfect tribute to mothers. The sheer simplicity and the reflection of the real-life scenarios in this artwork by our young artist from Thrissur, Kerala makes it different from other art pieces. There is no wonder that Anujath was hailed by everyone who saw this picture and it motivated him to continue creating beautiful artworks thereon.

Winning is not a goal for Anujath; making art is. He finds beauty in the simplest of things and draws them whenever he feels like it. He doesn’t have a strict schedule for painting because he feels that art comes from the heart and you can’t create pure art with constraints like time and money. This is what he tries to convey in his workshops and with his artworks. Anujath has got no official training. He just learned from his father and elder brother. Vinaylal, Anujath’s father, says that he has always been very observant and likes to paint for himself.

That is exactly what he did when he took a break after getting the national award from the President of India. He didn’t participate in any competitions and his parents made sure that there was no pressure on him to meet anyone’s expectations. However, the spirit of competition helped him do better, and that’s when he, himself, decided to return to it.

It is heartwarming to see how Anujath didn’t lose his love for art when he lost his mother. Instead, he keeps her alive through his paintings. You can witness it even in his recent works. One doesn’t need to guess from where he got the inspiration for his new Mother painting series.

His love for art and the spirit of encouraging young artists make him more inspiring. As Kalankit is dedicated to bringing art to day-to-day lives, artists like Anujath make us believe in what we do. Anujath sees beauty in regular things, and so do we. You can find the beautiful collection featuring this talented young artist on our website and show your support for his art.

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