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India has been bestowing many gifts upon the world; from Ayurveda to Yoga, India has been changing people’s lives. Many Indians are bringing back the image of India as an abundant nation, all across the world. Artists have become a huge part of this movement of globalizing Indian talent. There are many Indian artists across the globe that are being recognized for their keen eye and distinguished art forms; let’s talk about some of them.

Dhruvi Acharya

Born in Mumbai in 1971, Acharya started her art journey in the USA where she began displaying her memories on canvas. Her art is influenced by the woes of urban women and contains dark themes. The emotionally driven aspects of this life led by a woman are portrayed in various forms of violence and psychological pollution. The strong themes in her art attract the viewer to dive deeper into their subconscious.

Raghava KK

Raghava’s work focuses on the psyche and complexities of identity. An influential personality, Raghava has given several TED Talks where he encouraged the audience to expand their psychological horizon and create art beyond anyone’s imagination. His art is inspired by mythical history; his characters take various traditional forms and display historical events. The now world-famous artist quit his education at the age of 18 to pursue his passion. Today, he is one of the celebrated artists that represent India on a global platform.

Raqib Shaw

Born in Calcutta in 1974, Raqib spent his life in the world of fabric and jewellery art. He was raised by his merchant parents in Kashmir. His art portrays the amalgamation of mystical and man, creating man-like creatures which allure the viewer. His paintings have colourful themes which metallic paints and decorative motifs in them. One can see the influence of his upbringing on his art as it displays the Indian art forms such as tapestry and jewellery making.

Babneet Lakhesar

Lakhesar is a Toronto-based artist who was born in India. Her paintings are influenced by the Indian culture and the clothes she designs are heavily inspired by the culture of Bollywood and the portrayal of women in Indian cinema. The internet movement #BadBeti that she initiated along with the artist Maria Qamar led her to become a sensation in the art world, globally.

Ketna Patel

Patel who calls herself the “Queen of Indian Pop Art” for all the right reasons, is representing India globally through her imaginative collages with the themes of globalization and politics. She has been exposed to various cultures as the artist was born in East Africa, holds citizenship in Britain, and currently resides in Singapore. Her art is inspired by the cultures of different communities, which she skilfully blends onto a canvas.

Manjeet Thapp

Thapp is a pop-culture illustrator who plays with themes of Indian culture and history. Her work displays diversity and captures the essence of different communities. Based out of the UK, Thapp has successfully published her graphic novel called ‘Feelings: A story of seasons’.


Many Indian artists are taking the world by storm with their exceptional art forms and out-of-the-box thinking and styles. Their art displays the influence of the culture of their ancestors and the impact it has on their present psyche.

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