Cultural Fusion: Vagaram Choudhary’s Journey So Far


Meet Vagaram Choudhary, a veteran Artist and the creator of Farm Studio. He is a well-known personality in the art sectors, and has been making waves in both, the art and cultural heritage sectors, as well as the exciting realm of New Media Art. Along with representing India internationally, he’s bringing a unique and fresh take of a rural lens to International audiences. 

Vagaram is also one of the first onboarded artists with Kalānkit. Hailing from the scenic Village Sar in Rajasthan, India, he has earned his Master of Arts from the prestigious Fine Arts College of MLS University in Udaipur.


He is a fine artist from Rajasthan, India, who derives inspiration for his art-pieces and paintings from the country’s cultural history. He crafts a unique blend of classic and contemporary themes by combining tribal tattoo motifs, wisdom icons such as elephants, mythology, and artistry which help to promote rural-based artform to the world.

Vagaram’s artwork frequently includes small-format forms that reflect his in-depth insights. Gold as a decorative element pays homage to Indian culture’s wealth and the precise detail of miniature paintings. He makes major contributions to the art and cultural heritage sectors as a mentor and philanthropic artist, cultivating talent and promoting global appreciation of Indian art. His broad collection includes surrealism, abstract, conventional, digital, experimental, line art, and art installations.

Vagaram, who has a thorough understanding of art and culture, has collaborated with a variety of artists, cultural organisations, galleries, and museums to promote Indian art and cultural heritage projects on international platforms like CIMA, the Jal Jharokha, and Saffronart and many more. His work has been frequently displayed in India and internationally, including Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Serbia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada.

Vagaram art installation in progress


Farm Studio acts as a forum for the realisation of creative potential through exchanging, dialogue, and collaborating with Indian rural artists and craftspeople as well as international contemporary artists. The studio encourages contact with local culture, craftspeople, artisans, and artists by hosting international artist residencies. Farm Studio’s programmes aim to promote and celebrate community creative and cultural identity while also supporting community-based activities.

Farm Studio has collaborated with Hinge Arts Projects, a Canadian art organization, on residencies, international projects, and community outreach programmes since 2017. The Farm Studio residencies are co-hosted and co-organized by Monique of Hinge Arts Projects.

His distinct artistic style combines traditional and contemporary elements, pulling inspiration from tribal emblems, wisdom icons, mythology, and the richness of Indian culture. Vagaram makes a substantial contribution to the global promotion of Indian art and culture through his mentorship and humanitarian efforts. Under his direction, Farm Studio promotes collaboration and communication among rural Indian artists, craftspeople, and foreign contemporary artists, while also developing community creative identity and supporting local activities.

Farm Studio in collaboration with Kalankit, Art & Farm 2022
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