Art and Farm 1.0 – An art micro-residency program

We brought back the “good old days” during the Art & Farm residency program – this is how we revived the spirit of art.

Art evokes various emotions – one of those is the feeling of serenity. What we feel within is projected in our art. This was the main idea behind this collaboration with Farm Studio India, which led to the Art & Farm Micro-residency program. This 5-day residency workshop, the first offline event organized by Kalānkit, turned out to be a great success, with media covering it and our artists returning home rejuvenated and happy.

From the 5th to the 9th of October,2022 our artists stayed at the Farm Studio in Andore. The peaceful environment and rawness of the village culture helped them channel their artistic side and create beautiful pieces. Artists used different mediums to bring creativity to life – pen, paints, clay, everyday objects, etc. From still life to sculpture and modern art, our artists tried their hands at everything. We encouraged them to not just stick with their usual styles and explore different sides of their creative minds.

The event was a way for our artists to collaborate with those who thought and worked like them. Day one saw the exchange of many ideas and a gleam of passion in the eyes of each participant. Every day we encouraged the artists to learn something new through art workshops. The village’s best potter introduced our artists to one of the oldest art forms of India; trials and errors produced beautiful earthen pots and satisfied smiles.

A stroll through the village was one of the activities included in the itinerary. Our motive behind it was to let the artists connect to the rural culture, engage with the traditional values of Indians, and interact with kind-hearted men and women. This simple act of wandering through the streets of Sirohi helped the artists find inspiration for their projects – many objects became a muse for painting on paper.  Nature has always had a great influence on artists – its freshness helps calm the spirit and help create from the heart. The Rajasthani hills provided much-needed peace and tranquillity on our walk through nature, with many artists sitting amongst nature to transfer their imagination to paper. The same day, we also decided to witness the setting sun from the perfect point.

The artists shared their work and experience with others through “show and tell”. In other words, they presented their art and discussed what led them to create and pursue this career. The discussions revolved around their mediums, style, and how they view the world. One can imagine how colourful the conversations between artists would be.

During our expeditions, we not only learnt about each other but ourselves as well. This journey that the artists took together helped them come closer to their creative selves. The residency program was a getaway from the fast-paced metro life. Often, while hustling through our daily activities, we forget to stop and smell the flowers. This initiative aimed at allowing the artists to be themselves and refresh their skills.

Micro-Residency Art Program – 2022
Brushstrokes of Emotion: Exploring Abhilasha Bhartiya’s Art Exhibition 

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