Micro-Residency Art Program – 2022


For any artist in the city, it’s often hard to let your creativity flow freely, or hit the good old artistic block if you’re in the wrong environment. Art residencies give you the time and space you need to let you interact with fellow artists and help inspire you to bring out your best work.

This year, Kalānkit is organizing an Art Micro-Residency program in collaboration with Farm Studio. Forge a deeper connection with the art, culture, and nature of Rajasthan during this program. FARM Studio was founded to realize the creative potential of exchange, dialogue, and collaboration between Indian rural artists and artisans, and international contemporary artists. Locally, Farm Studio promotes and celebrates community artistic and cultural identity and supports community-based activities.
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5th October 2022 | Wednesday | Day 0
~ A warm welcome to our artists.
~ Introduction and networking.
~ Event discussions.

6th October 2022 | Thursday | Day 1
~ Rural Walk: An experiential morning walk about the lifestyle and culture of the nearby households.
~ Art Workshop
~ Presentation and discussion on your art style and artworks – Part 1

7th October 2022 | Friday | Day 2
~ Nature Walk: An experiential morning walk about nature.
~ Art Workshop
~ Sunset Walk: An experiential evening walk to witness a scenic sunset.
~ Presentation and discussion on your art style and artworks – Part 2

8th October 2022 | Saturday | Day 3
~ Pottery Workshop: Pottery is an age-old Rajhastani craft. Learn it from the experts who are doing it for generations
~ Art Workshop
~ Residency experience sharing and work presentation
~ Folk music and dance

9th October 2022 | Sunday | Day 4
~ Departures as per your timings.


Registration Fee: INR 10,000/- per artist


HURRY! As we have limited seats available, we request you kindly give us your confirmation by September 30th, 2022.

The above fee will cover your workshops, 4 Nights, and 5 Days of accommodation at the studio & meals during the course of time.
For more details scroll down.

In case of any doubt, feel free to call us at 9929585754 or email us at [email protected].

We are super excited to meet you!



Location and how to reach

The residency will be held at the Farm Studio, Andore, Rajasthan. Andore is 25 km from Sirohi, 185 km from Jodhpur, and 180 km from Udaipur. 

Andore is approx. 15 km inside from the Bagseen Toll Plaza, situated at National Highway 68. The 15 km road is a well-built tar road, with half a kilometer mud road.

 Nearby Airports

  1.     Jodhpur Airport – Further connectivity to Farm Studio is 180 km, 3 hours 30 minutes by  road
  2.     Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur – Further connectivity to Farm Studio is 165 km, 3 hours by road

Nearby Railway Stations

  1.     Jawai Bandh Railway Station (JWB) – Further connectivity to Farm Studio is 40 km, 1 hour by road
  2.     Falna (FA) – 55 km, Further connectivity to Farm Studio is 1 hour 15 minutes by road

Nearby Bus Stations

  1.     Sirohi Bus Station – Further connectivity to Farm Studio is 25 km, 45 minutes by road
  2.     Sheoganj Bus Station – Further connectivity to Farm Studio is 30 km, 45 minutes by road

We will arrange a taxi for further connectivity from your chosen pickup spot, at extra cost.


The accommodation at the studio will be in rural style with basic amenities. You will accommodate a fellow artist in a Hut or Tent. People at Farm Studio are not biased, hence the allotment of the hut or tent is on the basis of the availability of either of them.

  • Twin sharing Huts and Tents (2 Single Beds, each tent)
  • Common Toilets
  • Hot & Cold Water

We recommend you please bring your own toiletries, towels, hand towels, and other basic need items.


For all 5 days, you will get all Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea & Dinner (Vegetarian Only). You can anytime just call out for tea/coffee. You will also get a purified drinking water supply available 24 hours. 

The studio is an open workplace for artists with no restrictions on your consumption needs. You just need to maintain the decorum of the place and respect everyone’s space.

Please let us know your special needs or instructions.

Art and Farm 1.0 – An art micro-residency program

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  1. Avatar Of Kulwinder

    Look so intresting….will try to join in future …pls also post videos of any previous event…

  2. Avatar Of Jigmet Odzer
    Jigmet odzer

    I am really interested , I dwell from ladakh so it’s quite a distance to get to the spot(venue) of the workshop, so can i conclude that i am eligible for the half price discount?

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